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WCN Online Market is a collection of online platforms, grouping boutiques from all around the world and allowing any company, even micro-companies, to develop its “B to B” online sales. 

This platform has several segments, ranging from WCN-hosted special markets such as 'micro businesses' arts and craft cluster in our GBX to hosted ChamberPortal solutions. And in the spring of 2011, we are adding free-standing WCN Online Market boutiques for the local, regional or international level.




 WCN Online Markets > Why should your Chamber participate  ?

WCN Online Market can be a revenue generating service for chambers, directly targeting the needs of small companies who have no website of their own. You can use it on three levels:

use an existing market such as WCN GBX's micro business arts and craft cluster (no cost for chambers or participating businesses) 

build your own local/national market: host online shops of your member (and non-member) companies, in local language and local currency;

bring international trade oriented companies to the WCN Online Market… and do not forget to add trust to their international presence with the ChamberTrust program.


 WCN Online Markets > Why do your members need it ?

WCN Online Market brings your companies the following advantages either for free or at a very low price:

global visibility and exposure of the WCN site


a turnkey online shop, where they can display a catalogue including up to 150 of their products

easy-to-use features to modify and update catalogues and follow up on their activity


comprehensive listing and indexing in search engines.







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