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GBX Global Business eXchange                                     

Advertise short-term, specific business opportunities ...currently FREE via special promotion

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  WCN business e-card ads                                          

Advertise your company with low cost, fixed-price WCN business e-cards ...a first step to online advertising
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..Chamber validation and marketing of your company's website(s) use by companies with revenues of less than EU 100,000 to over EU 1.5 billion.

 ...ChamberTrust brings visibility and trust to local, regional & global markets. In addition to validation / trust mark, it includes an extensive listing in 'pres-screened' ChamberTrust trade directory ...generous space to describe your business, products/services, trademarks, labels logo and company/ product brochure upload (pdf, up to 5 mb, or about 50 pages, depending on graphics) ...links to your online shop form if applicable  ...priority search engine for your company to find - and be found by -  customers, suppliers and potential partners

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ChamberTrust showcase

NEW - winter 2008/09 : ChamberTrust TTBX Hi-Tech Community Cluster
... combines several services, includes ChamberTrust,  technology transfer, 'element of proof' protection and e-Contract room options along with mash-up services on white papers and legal templates, along with interactive community content

New - winter 2008/09 Paris-Madrid / South Asia
...creates a marketplace with marketing, secure trade services and contract room between two major EU centers and select South-Asia nations


  Events, Fairs & Exhibitions
Advertise your major fairs, trade shows, or exhibitions...currently FREE
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  Micro Business online gallery
COMING SOON ...create your web site in our online gallery (for micro& small businesses in emerging nations) ...can include NGO partnerships
WCN micro business online gallery



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 Select WCN business marketing services comparison grid
Select WCN service Examples rhythm ? verified ? company description  
GBX :: example 1 
:: example 2  
:: example 3
2-3 quarters no typic. 10-15 lines of text; primarily product oriented  
WCN business e-cards :: example 1  
:: example 2  
:: example 3
annual no typic. 10-20 lines of text, company and product/service oriented  
ChamberTrust :: example 1 
:: example 2  
:: example 3
:: example 4

:: Tech TTBX sample 1
:: Tech TTBX sample 2
:: Tech TTBX sample 3
:: Tech TTBX sample 4


annual  yes typic. 20 - 50 lines of business description, company detail and product / service detail, additional sections on  trademarks, norms, labels, direct links to company's online shop etc  
...continued pdf company / product brochure upload ? company logo link ? set up for use in WCN clusters ? specialty application options ?  Pricing
GBX no  no yes no currently free
WCN business e-cards no no yes no - EU 99/yr for chamber members

- EU 149/yr for others
ChamberTrust yes (up to 5mb, up to approx 50 pages, depending on graphics) yes yes yes (ie :: TTBX Hi-Tech, others) - depends on chamber service bundle, 
typically EU 250 to 400
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