WCN Online Markets > The gallery of online shops

WCN Online Markets are a collection of several hosted online platforms, grouping boutiques from all around the world and allowing any company, even micro-companies, to develop its “B to B” online sales. 

This platform has several options, ranging from WCN-hosted special markets such as 'micro businesses' arts and craft cluster, to hosted ChamberPortal, and ChamberTrust cluster solutions. And in the late spring of 2011, we are adding free-standing WCN Online Market boutiques for the local, regional or international level.



 WCN Online Markets > Who can open an online shop  ?

WCN Online Market is an online gallery, grouping boutiques from all around the world and allowing any company to develop its “B to B” on line sales.

Any international trade oriented company, even micro-companies, can open their boutique, whether they already have or not a website. This platform works better for standard products to be sold to other businesses.

The service includes comprehensive listing, indexing in search engines, easy every day follow up and user friendly updating from your computer or smart phone. No need to know everything about computers.



 WCN Online Markets > Why do you need WCN Online Market ?

WCN Online Market brings your companies the following advantages either for free or at a very low price:


global visibility and exposure of the WCN site

a turnkey online shop, where they can display a catalogue including up to 150 of their products

easy-to-use features to modify and update catalogues and follow up on their activity


comprehensive listing and indexing in search engines.
...and you can dramatically  improve your impact by adding trust to your online shop: just get your

 ChamberTrust seal and your Chamber-eVault 'element of proof' account for foreign trade.




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