WCN Advertising services > why should you use WCN?

By advertising on the Worldchambers Network website, you can benefit from an outstanding and unique exposure, as well as a focused audience. 

Worldchambers Network, the only official world wide portal for Chambers of Commerce Industry, attracts some quarter million visits per month, only from company representatives, all interested and/or engaged in international trade, from all around the world. The average ?click through? rate for our banners is about 0.24%, above the industry standard..


WCN  Advertising services > what are the technical specifications?

Two formats are proposed:

-     a ?skyscraper? banner, will appear on the right side of our home page (and secondary pages)

-     a ?classic? banner, will appear on the bottom of our home page (and secondary pages)

You have to provide:

-     the skyscraper banner in 120x240 pixels and the classic banner in 468x60 pixels. For both, the    format can be .jpg, gif or animated .gif, .png; high resolution possible

-     the URL address your banner will be linked to. Special features for sponsoring a whole chapter of WCN 'Discover'




WCN  Advertising services > how much does it cost?

Choose your subscription period! Given the audience of the site, you will get the best price/contact ratio! 

SPECIAL OFFER Until end of 2013, the price is the same for one skyscraper or a ?classic? banner? or both!

-      Monthly subscription: the price is 1250 euro; 20 % rebate (1000 euro/month) if space is reserved for 3 months or more

-      Special price for annual subscription: 9900 euro.
-      Special price for sponsoring a whole chapter of WCN. Given the audience of the site, this is the best price/contact ratio!



WCN Advertising services > who should advertise?

Any company looking for a global audience, any service provider whose customers are international trade oriented companies, any event organizers and Chambers of commerce can advertise on WCN! 

Join our list of clients who have already advertised on WCN: 
- Congress and convention organizers
- Transporters and freight forwarders
- Financial, insurance and inspection companies
- Legal firms
- Business information providers
- Business Services / Software firms
- Real estate and industrial park promoters?  



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