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WCN & CTMI, together with select financial institutions in Canada, have reached another milestone in launching an expanded small business hub. The initial focus is centered on:
- Post-COVID recovery programs, including regional economic development in metro & rural areas

- Intellectual Property Protection and related safety and security tools for new businesses commercializing & sharing their ideas 

- AgriTech, including enclosed 'vertical' agriculture. 

Q2-2021 :
Covid's devastating impact on the general population and also business is leaving its mark. CTMI & WCN are preparing tools to help with supply-chain disruptions and supply-chain reorganization.

programs for Business Incubators and University R+D Commercialization expanded 

ChamberTrust Pro and GBXL updated... new affinity program options for chambers of commerce registered @ WCN...
Program options for Regional Economic Development Initiatives and clusters are being updated and expanded

More at CTMI's new hub >>here


The CTMI-eVault family - built on a hybrid blockchain and capable of complex multi-lingual support - is expanding its custom corporate and institutional options for intellectual property, file and data protection. 

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises use-cases for CTMI-eVault include RFP / Request For Proposal IP protection, trade documentation and many additional uses...more >>
here (pdf)