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With over 12,000 chambers representing more than 40 million businesses worldwide, the World Chambers of commerce network's official information systems hold chamber and business information covering most nations. That allows us to support chambers and their local, state, national and transnational economic development partners in their efforts to create trade centers, clusters and hubs with our trusted trade tools, including by industry type and / or geographic region. 

WCN's 'Discover' program utilizes clusters in various forms, ranging from simple data agglomerations to full-fledged custom-content hubs with chamber and business listings, trust services that include business verification seals and secure electronic repositories with 'element of proof' for SMEs and major regional promotional opportunities. 

Embedding such specialized clusters in WCN's global chamber hub has major benefits for business, chambers and government, for example around more focused client and trade development, and economic development and export initiatives. By their very design, localized WCN clusters still connect to the global core systems, giving very powerful exposure, marketing and promotion tools to 'think global - act local'. Our clusters and 'Discover...' programs also have the ability to generate custom mailing lists.
When basic data clusters are enhanced with extra content (i.e. around economic development and investment initiatives), the new 'Discover this Region...' program is used, per examples below. "Discover..." allows for near infinite permutations and combinations of customization. If you are interested to learn more about clusters and the 'Discover...' program for your chamber group or trade, export and regional economic development initiatives, please > contact us.

World Chambers Network > Cluster Sample Table:      

Chamber Directory Based







BRIC - Brazil Russia India China


North America - NAFTA


Extended Pacific Northwest 
(North America)  

South America - part 1 


South America - part 2


France-Germany -BeNeLux


Canada-China Region-Singapore


Northern Circumpolar


High-Technology Zones


China & Region


NtL. India




NtL. Germany


Ntl.  France


India Canada  NEW !

Mexico Canada


Colombia Canada




Madrid ChamberTrust


Paris ChamberTrust


Manufacturing GBX 
business  listings


Micros business / Arts + Craft 






SOPSED East Africa


(via EU - Paris - Madrid)


Canada  UPDATED!



Green Business Cluster 

  in pre-launch -  !













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